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USAV Membership and Forms


All athletes MUST be a member of USAV-Gulf Coast Region AND have a USAV Medical Release Form filled out, signed, and notarized in order to participate/tryout for the upcoming season.


USA Volleyball has changed to the SportsEngine Member Management System (MMS) which will require all members to create a “FREE” SportsEngine family account in order to register. To sign up for your family account (if you do not have one already), it’s easy,  click here.

All USAV memberships can be managed through one single account so no need to create multiple SportsEngine Accounts.

Once your family has set up your SportsEngine account, register for a USAV Gulf Coast Region Membership here.

 This link is a dedicated registration link for the Gulf Coast Region and once you are logged in you will fill out all the personal data base information that is initially requested and then you will be presented with the membership category to register for: Junior Player, Junior Coach, Junior Director, Region Official, Region Staff or Chaperone. All fees will be paid online at the time of registration. If you were a member of PEVC last season, you should have received an invite to join Panhandle Elite on SportsEngine. If you are a new member or member of another club, you will receive and invite after teams are chosen following tryouts.

Each USAV member must have a USAV Medical Release form completed, signed, and notarized prior to participate in tryouts and travel season.


$ 95.00 – junior player – full membership ($75 for junior Boys)

$ 30.00 – junior player - tryout only. This category is active from Oct 14th to Dec 16th and allows the member to participate in tryouts only, once they are selected by a club, that member must upgrade to full junior membership at a cost of $95.00. The tryout fee is not deducted from the full junior membership.

$ 50.00 – Fall academy/training league Middle/High school membership (this membership allows boys and girls to participate in training sessions and training events only. Must upgrade to the Regular junior membership at a cost of $10.00 for boys and $40.00 for girls to participate in regular Club/GCR/USAV sanctioned season)

$ 60.00 – chaperone – each team must have a dedicated chaperone

$ 20.00 – parent membership (allows parent to help with team as shagger, ball rotator, etc does not allow that parent to be a chaperone, parent membership is a limited member)

$ 50.00 - Full background screen (every other year)

$ Supplemental Screen fee paid in the full background screen year - (interim year)

$ 20.00 - one-event indoor (this category can not be used as a tryout fee/all members trying out must be a regular junior member or junior tryout)

$ 70.00 - upgrade from one event to regular junior member

$ 40.00 - outdoor juniors and adults (if not previously registered as an indoor member, active after November 1, 2021)

Boys Training Level Memberships (Full and Limited Memberships)

$ 75.00 – boys regular junior membership (Full)

Grassroots Training Level Memberships (Limited Memberships)

$ 50.00 - developmental players

(developmental participants 11 and over - may train but can not play in region or nationally sanctioned tournaments, including friendship, unless they upgrade to full member status, 12’s only can play in region youth and developmental league tournaments, 13 and over may only train)

$ 25.00 – youth – 10 & under (restricted to players 10 and under, can not play in region or nationally sanctioned events, may play in regionally sponsored Grassroot tournaments within the region only, as well as organized youth practices and events)

$ Free – 8 and under (restricted to players 8 and under, can not play in region or nationally sanctioned events, may play in regionally sponsored Grassroot tournaments within the region only, as well as organized youth practices and events)

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